BREEAM Certified Buildings

BREEAM is the world’s leading sustainability assessment standard for buildings, master-planned projects, and infrastructure. It’s a great way for us to make sure we meet the highest standards of sustainability. By making sure all of our buildings are BREEAM-accredited, we can show our customers how much we are doing for the planet. At the same time, BREEAM accreditation shows customers how them how much they are helping – and how much they are saving – by choosing to work in our facilities.
BREEAM was founded in 1990. Its accreditation system addresses and assesses the construction, refurbishment and in-use phases of a building’s lifecycle, measuring sustainability and efficiency from start to finish.

BREEAM’s assessment criteria for investors, developers, design and construction teams help us create buildings which are better for the planet and better for our customers’ businesses. These criteria resonate strongly with our own company ethos: that sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and healthy working environments bring equal benefits for productivity and efficiency.

BREEAM’s main aims are to ensure:
• More efficient use of natural resources
• Sustainability of design
• Design durability and resilience
• Lower carbon emissions
• High ecological value
• Biodiversity protection
• Minimal waste production
• Adaption to climate change

Within each of these categories, buildings get points for meeting or exceeding performance-based target benchmarks. The building’s summed total decides the overall rating, on a scale of “Pass,” “Good,” “Very Good,” “Excellent,” and “Outstanding”. All BREEAM assessments are carried out by independent, licensed assessors.

To date, we have built more than 40 BREEAM-accredited warehouses throughout Central and Eastern Europe. In 2017, Prologis Park Prague-Rudna DC18 became the first logistics facility in the Czech Republic – and only the second in the entire Central and Eastern Europe region – to receive a BREEAM “Outstanding” rating.
By using BREEAM, we help the planet, ensure great working spaces for our customers, and make a positive impact on local environments and communities. And going forward, we are committed to ensuring more Prologis buildings than ever achieve the highest levels of accreditation.