Prologis Buildings, A Story of Sustainability

We know the impact that our buildings make on the people working in them as well as local communities. Here are some of the features we install to minimize environmental impact and maximize health and wellbeing.

Prologis Buildings, a Story of Sustainability

Low-emission, energy-efficient HVAC

Reduce output when building is unoccupied

Cool roofs

Reflect sunlight and repel heat, lowering indoor air temperatures

High-efficiency roofing and wall materials

Optimize interior temperatures

20–30% regionally sourced building materials

Reduce transportation emissions and boost local economies. Use of bio-based circular building materials.

Real-time energy monitoring

Inform employees and create awareness


Reduce daytime electricity use

Solar panels

Turn rooftops into sources of clean energy

LED lighting with dynamic controls

Improve illumination and reduce energy costs

Energy-saving mode of dock equipment

Preserve energy when not in use

Dock levelers with gap sealing and dock shelters with bottom cushion

Seal interior to the elements

Areas for storage and collection of recyclables

Minimize environmental impact

Low-emitting paint, sealants and insulation

Lower environmental impact than conventional paint products

Smart energy meters

Monitor energy in real time to reduce energy expenditures

Exterior LED lighting

Reduce light pollution and energy costs

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations

Reduce emissions for daily commuters

Carpool/car-sharing dedicated parking spots

Secured bicycle shed with e-bike charging

Drought-tolerant plants and rainwater collection

Decrease water usage, reproduce local ecosystems and support biodiversity with insect hotels, bird houses, edible trees and greenery

Access to public transportation options

Public transport, shuttles, bicycle rental and car sharing

Sustainability in Action

The latest development at Prologis Park Budapest-Harbor, Building 12, is a future-ready logistics location incorporating numerous sustainability solutions.

Green Savings

High-grade insulation together with high-performance heaters reduce heating costs by 30 percent. LED lighting and large skylights meanwhile cut energy consumption by 45 percent, and smart meters optimize all utility consumption for maximum efficiency.

Charging Stations

Two electric car charging stations are in place at the park, capable of quickly and simultaneously recharging four electric vehicles.

Biological Wastewater Treatment

Prologis Park Budapest-Harbor has its very own biological wastewater treatment plant carring out biological purification. Monitored by on-site experts, its an innovative way of ensuring a green solution for water treatment, reducing out ecological footprint.


Sharing is caring! The old saying is true, so to promote a sense of community we launched the Prologis Car Sharing website back in 2018. People working at Prologis Park Budapest-Harbor and other Central European locations can use the platform to organize vehicle sharing while going to work. 


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