Meet Our Team

Our team includes some of the leading lights of logistics in Central Europe.

  • András Kiss

    András Kiss

    Facility Manager

    András Kiss started work at Prologis Budapest in March 2020 as facility manager. His main responsibilities include liaising with clients and service ...

  • Lóránd Gárdonyi

    Lóránd Gárdonyi

    Real Estate & Customer Experience Director

    Lóránd Gárdonyi joined the Prologis team as Real Estate and Customer Experience Director in January 2023. His main duties are managing the real estate ...

  • Zsolt Szabo, Project & Construction Manager

    Zsolt Szabo

    Project & Construction Manager

    Today, customers increasingly expect cost-effective, energy-efficient green solutions and tailored premium services. At Prologis, we want to make sure ...

  • zsuzsanna-hunyadi

    Zsuzsanna Hunyadi

    Leasing & Customer Experience Director

    Zsuzsanna Hunyadi landed in the world of logistics by chance. However, by now she sees it not only as her job, but as her calling. She started her ...

  • Viktória Nagy

    Viktoria Nagy

    Real Estate & Customer Experience Manager

    Viktória Nagy has been working for Prologis in Hungary for 13 years. She began her career as an office coordinator, then, between 2007 and 2018, she ...

  • Leonard Kubanek

    Leonard Kubanek

    Director of Project Management

    Leonard Kubanek has been involved in construction for 20 years and knows all its faces. He has worked for the designer, general contractor, agent and ...


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