The key is to stay ahead of what’s next and anticipate instead of reacting

Paweł Kowalczyk, senior manažer pro správu nemovitostí, Prologis Polsko

Paweł Kowalczyk

Real Estate & Customer Experience, Senior Manager

Paweł Kowalczyk has been with the company for five years.  His regular responsibilities include facility management, negotiating supply contracts for utilities and maintaining continuous communication with tenants. Mostly, he is responsible for ensuring customer safety, introducing solutions that will optimise customer costs and implementing tools (systems) for warehouses of the future.

“In my job, honesty and a proactive approach to the customer are key. I always try to anticipate their needs, take the initiative, and offer solutions that will improve and facilitate their daily operations in our parks.”

How does he achieve this? As a Silesian, Paweł is first and foremost an efficient and hospitable manager who takes good care of his customers, by offering them solutions that will improve and support their business activities. Paweł believes a good manager is one who ensures a good flow of information and anticipates customers’ needs. The key is to PROact, not REact.

Despite this respect for tradition, Paweł is an innovator—that is why Prologis Park Chorzów is the first large Prologis park to introduce environmentally friendly electric cars, which have reduced security costs and response times by as much as half.

Paweł also supported the implementation of Singu FM—our tool for warehouses of the future that enables convenient information management and costs acceptance with just one click. The implementation of this intuitive system has enabled instant communication between the customer, property manager and vendors, as well as automation of the processes related to technical reviews of the facilities, storing complete documentation and history of the notifications in one place in the form of clear statistics and charts. Our digital facility management tool not only saves customers’ time and money, but also gives them full control over their data and processes. 

In addition to the ongoing cooperation with customers in Prologis warehouses, Paweł is responsible for purchasing and optimising the distribution of utilities, providing added value to our customers across the country. Thanks to the consolidation of such services, our customers receive electricity for their businesses below the average market price, becoming the beneficiaries of the economies of scale that Prologis’ portfolio provides with the recently implemented RhinoScada platform, which allows for real-time and continuous control over costs and consumption of utilities.

Paweł’s active involvement in customer care and his constant search for innovations perfectly reflects the watchword behind all Prologis activities: we want to stay ahead of what’s next and anticipate instead of reacting!


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