Kateřina Březinová: key for providing best service is to never stop learning


Kateřina Březinová

Leasing and Customer Experience Manager

Kateřina Březinová has been the leasing manager for Prologis in the Czech Republic since 2018. She is in charge of leasing activities at Prologis’ existing parks in the country and directly cooperates with customers and real estate brokers.

Kateřina mainly works with the vacant portfolio in the Czech Republic. She is the first point of contact for customers seeking warehouse space. Her daily routine includes tours with potential customers around the available space; communicating with brokers; negotiating lease terms; drafting, closing and renewing lease agreements; as well as customer care and support.

 “As a brand coming to Prologis with a requirement for space – whether it is a BTS project, expansion or lease renewal – you can always be sure that we will take enough time to sit down with you to get to know your current situation, help you find the best solutions and exceed your expectations in what we can deliver. My role is to guide customers through the whole leasing process from the very first visit of the site, subsequent visits, preparing a specific offer and negotiating the contract details, to handing the space over. Prologis' customer partnerships measure at decades and participating in creating and cultivating these is an amazing experience,” says Kateřina.

Kateřina has been a member of the Prologis team since 2016. She first joined as a leasing assistant while doing an engineering degree at the University of Economics in Prague. “I enjoyed great support and trust from my supervisors from the very beginning – they gave me the opportunity to participate in meetings with customers and be involved in negotiations with suppliers. In coordination with other Prologis teams, I was also able to prepare my first offers and lease agreements under their guidance, experience which helps me now when I work autonomously. With the responsibility that I was given and the great leadership on top of it, I managed to quickly understand the principles of the market and work with different types of customers.”

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Kateřina considers her greatest career achievement securing the leasing of Prologis Park Brno, which opened for business near the Moravian metropolis in the first quarter of 2018. The first building totaling 27,500 square meters was 70 percent pre-leased at the time of its completion. “Brno was a completely new location for us – and every new market entry brings with it many questions about the evolution of demand,” notes Kateřina. “I am pleased to see how quickly the first Brno development is filling up and how successful our second development at the park is proving. We have already pre-leased part of this building to the first customer, an international food distributor, even before its completion.”

Looking to the future, Kateřina would like to become more acquainted with the technical aspects of a project’s development. “Prologis in its business combines several different disciplines. Our customers appreciate a holistic approach that we apply towards them and a leasing manager who can also provide them with consultancy services regarding the construction of their facilities brings great added value.  It is essential to always keep educating oneself and remain up to date with the current trends and innovations in the field. This might sound like a major challenge – but that is what I find so exciting about it,” she explains.

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