Prologis with the title of Reliable Employer

The Reliable Employer of the Year is the third award that Prologis received for its employment policy activities in Poland, after the Ethical Company 2020 title and the Friendly Workplace 2021.

The award was granted to Prologis on the basis of standardized criteria in many areas, verified by the selection committee, from the quality of working conditions, through the degree of organization differentiation, to the scale of investment in employee development.

“We will soon be celebrating the 25th anniversary of Prologis in Poland. During this time, our company has undergone a number of changes and faced many challenges. Over the years, one thing has not changed at Prologis - caring for employees who are the basis of our market success. The experience of the last year hardened our company and additionally increased its credibility as a solid, trustworthy employer that will withstand any test in a crisis, ”said Paweł Sapek, senior vice president, Regional Head Prologis in Central Europe.

In the justification, the jury emphasized the transparency and objectivity of the recruitment and remuneration process at Prologis, the company's commitment to bottom-up initiatives, benefits adjusted to changing circumstances, and the support provided to employees, particularly important in the pandemic.

“Ensuring a sense of safety at work, offering psychological help during forced isolation and material support to at least partially relieve employees of their daily problems - these were our priorities in the most difficult time of the pandemic. Today we can see that the special programs we have set up for this purpose, such as Recharge or the Health Advocate support program for employees and their families, have fulfilled their role very well. We are now richer in experience, on the basis of which we approach the concept of work completely anew, and an example of this change is the Flexibility philosophy being introduced now, ”emphasizes Marta Tęsiorowska, vice president, Head of Marketing & Communications Prologis in Europe.

Reliable Employer is a distinction awarded every year in Poland to companies that go beyond the standard in their activities for the benefit of employees. The aim of the program, conducted under the patronage of, inter alia, Business Center Club and the Employers of Poland organization is to select the best employers in Poland. As the organizers emphasize - especially those who promote unconventional HR solutions and openly share their experience with the market.

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