Watch out for the hedgehogs! Soon, employees and customers at Prologis Park Wrocław might come across an announcement like this.

Why? Because in March, we are installing shelters for small animals in the park.  Our Wrocław park has been expanded with 6 hedgehog houses, 4 hotels for insects, and a nesting box for bats. The hedgehogs, which are a protected species in Poland, will probably move in this fall, enjoying a safe and comfortable home for a deep winter sleep. It will be possible to meet the new insects much earlier; bees, ladybugs and bumblebees will soon arrive.

Every species staying in the insect hotel will find it a comfortable place to lay eggs, shelter from rain and cold, and stay safe from predators. And we’ll also be welcoming bats to the park – another protected species in Poland. These will be our ally in the fight against mosquitoes: after all, they can eat up to 2,000 of them in a single night!

These animal houses are yet another initiative as part of our PARKlife™ concept, which ensures that our parks are friendly places not just for employees, but also for the environment. The initiative also involves installing bus stops in our parks to facilitate access to public transport, building roofed bicycle shelters to support bike transport, and installing solar charging stations for electric cars to help workers reduce their carbon footprint. To support the well-being of our clients' employees, we have also set up Book Boxes - open-air mini-libraries available to everyone, providing a wide range of bestsellers.

We want Prologis parks to be friendly places for employees and for the environment. This means visitors could soon find hedgehogs roaming near our parks at night! Concern for the environment is… Made in Prologis.

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