Jarosław Bicki: Project Manager is mainly a construction worker, but also an accountant, financier and lawyer


Jarosław Bicki

Project Manager

Jarosław Bicki joined Prologis in the last year of his studies. After three months of practice, in October 2015, he joined the team of project managers - initially as an assistant, then as a project coordinator, to be promoted to the position of Junior Project Manager. Today, he is taking care of two warehouse parks in Warsaw - in Żerań and at ul. Staniewicka. In addition, in Żerań, I coordinate the construction of a new warehouse with an area of ​​almost 11,000 square meters.

According to colleagues from the team, Prologis knows everything about the projects. And if he does not know, he knows where to look for information or who to ask. Because, as he says himself, Project Management is a profession on the border of many fields.

- We must know the construction industry - this is the basis, but also accounting and taxes. After all, we first contribute to the budget, and then we have to move within it. The basics of law are also useful, because we sign contracts with designers or subcontractors on a daily basis - lists Jarosław Bicki.

He combines all these topics very well - he has not only characterological and practical foundations for this, but also theoretical ones. He graduated from the Lublin University of Technology in the field of Construction Technology and Organization, and additionally completed BA studies in Finance and Accounting at the Maria Skłodowska-Curie University in Lublin.

From an early age, Jarosław Bicki was interested in the Internet and new technologies. He created websites, and in his free time he dealt with affiliate marketing. Thanks to this, he is at ease in the IT world and can also combine it with real estate.

- I believe that new technologies improve our operations and, in the long run, bring big savings. I like streamlining processes - their optimization and automation, especially when properly done work pays off for years - he says.

The interest in new technologies was also reflected in Jarosław's master's thesis, which he wrote on BIM, i.e. Building Information Modeling. Fascinated by this subject, he also took up it in Prologis. He is responsible for the implementation of the BIM system in Poland. Has knowledge and skills in the field of computer design and building information modeling confirmed by certificates.

He appreciates good and proven solutions. He carefully organizes the world around him and often uses excell for this purpose. - This is a tool for everything, you can count, plan, create statements and write reports - create projects and improve investment management. If someone is looking for "excell maniac" - that's me! concludes Jarosław.


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