Aneta Szewczak – Active listening, not standard solutions, is the key to success

Aneta Szewczak

Aneta Szewczak

Real Estate & Customer Experience Senior Manager

Aneta Szewczak is a true “veteran” of Prologis after being with the company for almost 15 years. Although at the beginning of her time at Prologis she was involved mainly with office work, database reporting and coordination, she proved to be a real innovator even back then. In 2008, she worked on introducing new functionalities and streamlining the processes of settlements, which facilitated the accelerating of related work by as much as a month.

From 2014, she has worked on the frontline as property manager in Poland, mostly working directly with the customers. Currently, Aneta takes care of four logistic parks located in Janki, Teresin and Łódź, with around 20 different companies operating there.

“Working as a property manager means never getting bored. An individual approach to every situation often requires reorganizing the day completely, but that is fine, because for me the most important thing is to have direct contact with people and be able to help others through my work. Honesty and openness are the values we prize most: this is why we can turn any challenge into a success and develop the right solution. It’s all about having an open conversation – the point is to suggest potential solutions rather than saying ‘it can’t be done this way’.”

Listening closely and actively asking questions, communicating and finding causes and solutions together is the key to Aneta’s way of dealing with every situation that crops up.

“Our customers’ experience is very important – after all, they use these buildings every day. A single solution doesn’t work for every instance, so it is important to be attentive and committed to each situation. It is typical for me to pay regular visits to my customers in the logistics centers that are under my care. During such visits, I don’t set up official meetings, I just pop by and ask everyone there what they’re currently dealing with. For me, customers are observers and experts as well as partners.”

Despite doing a different job today than when she started, Aneta’s active involvement in implementing innovations in the company has not changed. This year she was involved in the introduction of Clear Lease – a new, simpler form of lease agreement, which defines fixed charges for all standard operating, maintenance and repair costs, as well as administrative fees. Drawing on the experience gained over almost a decade and a half working at Prologis, Aneta prepared a rate calculation tool that provided a starting point for the new billing system.

“Combining an open attitude with experience, we not only listen to our customers, but also stay ahead of their needs to ensure that they are at ease and not burdened with additional tasks. This allows them to fully focus on growing their business,” she says.

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