Zsuzsanna Hunyadi – “If I had to choose a motto, it would be »Customer satisfaction above all«!”


Zsuzsanna Hunyadi

Leasing & Customer Experience Director

Zsuzsanna Hunyadi landed in the world of logistics by chance. However, by now she sees it not only as her job, but as her calling. She started her career at the company as a fresh graduate, close to seven years ago, in the position of leasing coordinator. Later she was promoted to junior leasing manager. She has filled the position of leasing manager since 2017. Zsuzsanna’s work is highly interactive, which is a good fit for her personality. Her main task is managing the Prologis property portfolio leases and maintaining the utilisation of the buildings. She has developed a close and fruitful collaboration with the consultancy companies as well as with the customers.

An extensive knowledge of the market and the ability to recognize new opportunities that could contribute to growth are essential to her daily activity, as growth and leasing are intricately connected. Close communication and careful attention to individual requirements are the be-all and end-all of Zsuzsanna’s professional activity. “My work means that I pay special attention not just to information, but also to our customers, and I try to give them the best solution according to their individual needs. The mutual consideration and communication is what makes my daily work successful.”

Since 2020, Zsuzsanna’s responsibilities also include the tasks of the customer satisfaction manager. Based on her experience, she sees the potential for growth in increasing the number of interactions and in strengthening the partnership with the customers. Her main expectations towards the members of her team are the same as those towards herself: dedicated attention, customer focus, empathy and professionalism.

Zsuzsanna sees the challenges of her profession in adapting to the constantly changing market. Although the property development activity in Hungary has followed a cautious strategy in the past few years, many property developers formerly active in other sectors are considering a move into the industrial real estate sector, since this sector is less affected by the rearrangement of market circumstances and by the pandemic. Therein lies the appeal of Prologis in the fields of sales, development and leasing as well.

“Even within the real estate market there are areas that have suffered major setbacks in the past period (e.g. office space market), but other areas, like the logistics sector, have been the winners of these changes (e.g. through the growth of e-commerce).” Zsuzsanna thinks that the greatest advantage of Prologis is that “through our own trend research activity we are constantly monitoring the changes in the market, analysing their causes and thereby we can carve the path towards the future as a sort of trendsetters, not just in theory but in practice as well. Our competitors are often planning for short time periods, while we always think in the long term while assessing the opportunities of the given moment in time. Our main goals are the development of good partnerships, long-term collaboration, and sustainability, using digitization and automation as our means. This is, in my opinion, the most important thing that sets us apart from our competitors.”

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