Offshoring production is a major strategic shift for any company to undertake and it is vital to find a local partner that can go the extra mile to ensure that the complex process is a success. Jøtul AS, one of the world’s oldest manufacturers of stoves and fireplaces, chose Prologis to find the ideal location and develop the model building for its new production and distribution facility in Poland.

The 20,300 square meter facility that Prologis constructed at Prologis Park Wrocław IV for Jotul Polska, a new subsidiary of the Norwegian parent company, has an above-average depth of over 130 meters to optimize the processes and layout of the production line for the assembling, painting and enameling of its premium fireplaces. In addition to the singular layout, the building features compressors, a special ventilation system and additional lighting.

Like all the new Prologis facilities, the building is equipped with online solutions that support the management and servicing of the property. These include the Singu FM information platform and the smart metering system operating in sync with the RhinoSCADA application, which allows the customer to remotely access and monitor all utility meters in the buildings.

The location of Prologis Park Wrocław IV offers the ideal position for Jøtul’s first Central European investment. Wrocław’s western ring road passes by the park, allowing easy distribution to its markets around Europe. Prologis Park Wrocław IV is conveniently located 35 kilometers from downtown Wrocław, within comfortable commuting distance and at the same time offering good access to a well-educated workforce, which is listed by companies as one of the most crucial location factors nowadays.

“When moving our site from Scandinavia, we were seeking not just a developer, but a reliable partner for our project. Prologis’ team and individual professional approach, their openness and reliability, as well as the park’s quality and location, convinced us that this was the best choice,” says Lars Tore Heggem COO, Jøtul AS.


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