Prologis Park Ruda Slaska, Poland

Prologis Park Ruda Śląska is a logistics center filled with innovations, and the latest phase of construction will take the park to a total of almost 125,000 square meters. 

The first stage of the investment saw the construction of a built-to-suit, tailor-made facility totaling 50,000 square meters for logistics leader Raben. With this development, the company continued its long-term cooperation with Prologis in the Silesia region. As the warehouse is mostly intended for food storage and handling, the design includes a temperature-controlled area (14–18°C) and cooling installations. To optimize warehouse processes, the first line of pillars in the hall are set back, while system racks and forklifts are automated through a closed induction loop. A unique 2,000-square-meter, three-story office forms an integral part of the building, and was designed in harmony with feng shui principles.

Another customer – a leading provider of comprehensive logistics management services – has also moved into a turnkey building at Prologis Park Ruda Śląska. This recently delivered warehouse will be dedicated to food industry and FMCG customer services. The space totals more than 11,000 square meters, and is equipped with a number of features to meet the strictest cold chain requirements 

The building includes cool storage of more than 10,000 square meters, with a temperature range of 2 to 6°C. There is also a co-packing area and an ambient zone with a temperature range of up to 25°C. To maximize loading and unloading efficiency in the cool storage area, the warehouse has been fitted with 15 insulated cooling foams, and pneumatically sealed gates. Enhanced wall insulation capacity meanwhile meets the latest standards.

The load handling system offers a number of solutions to increase productivity: electronically controlled truck wheel wedges prevent unnecessary opening of the gate, thus reducing energy use; an internal traffic lights system improves safety standards; and monitoring of the entire loading and unloading process enables drivers to keep track of progress.

Prologis Park Ruda Śląska, Polska

A BTS space is always unique. Both these developments were as special as they were challenging. From the design stage onwards, it was crucial to share knowledge and expertise, which was made possible by the strength of the relationships which we establish with our customers. This gave us an in-depth understanding of their individual needs for modern warehouse spaces to serve them for years to come – and we were delighted to be able to satisfy those needs” – emphasized Leonard Kubanek, Director Project Management, Prologis.

Customers at Prologis Park Ruda Śląska are provided with a range of solutions increasing the cost effectiveness and sustainability of buildings. Space in all buildings meets NFPA requirements and is tailor-made for high storage (12.4 m height). Advanced online temperature control systems are also installed (with three sensors at different heights for every 1,000 square meters) to enhance online smart metering capabilities for optimized utilities consumption.

Warehouses are also fitted with automated, top-quality, energy-saving LED lighting. Co-packing areas are illuminated with natural daylight, making a positive impact on workers’ comfort. Like all new Prologis developments, the buildings are BREEAM accredited – both achieved ‘Very Good’ certification. They are also fitted with solar installations on the roof.

Solar panels of 50 kW have also been installed in green areas at Prologis Park Ruda Śląska. The energy generated by these panels is used to power common areas in the logistics center. In keeping with our PARKlife approach, we make sure our customers enjoy a truly employee-friendly atmosphere right down to the smallest details, including charging stations for e-bikes and a minor repair stand for two-wheelers.

Whether it’s creating modern spaces tailored to specific customer needs, revitalizing brownfield areas, or establishing long-term cooperations, advantage is... Made in Prologis.

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