Prologis Park Prague-Uzice, Czech Republic

Having a built-to-suit facility is hard to beat when you’re an innovative company looking to maximise efficiency and employee satisfaction. With this in mind, we were delighted to offer tailor-made space at Prologis Park Prague-Uzice for CRUSSIS Electrobikes s.r.o., a Czech manufacturer of e-bikes and tricycles. The company’s exciting new home is already under development, and we’re looking forward to welcoming them with solutions to boost their businesses.

CRUSSIS Electrobikes s.r.o , will join a thriving business community at Prologis Park Prague-Uzice, where Prologis’ provision of custom-made facilities is inspiring excitement about new developments. CRUSSIS has signed a long-term lease for all 21,000 sqm in building 4B. A real estate agent Marek Sýkora facilitated this transaction.

“We are thrilled to be welcoming CRUSSIS to Prologis Park Prague-Uzice,” says Anna Juzova, Leasing & Customer Experience Manager Prologis “Although the park’s location, sustainable features and welcoming atmosphere all played a part, it was our excitement to provide a build-to-suit facility which convinced CRUSSIS their new home should be here. We’re looking forward to going the extra mile to meet all of CRUSSIS’s needs, and we can’t wait to help them bring their innovative products to more customers.”

CRUSSIS’s space will include a range of features maximising efficiency and employee wellbeing. High-lux LED lighting in the production area will make use of motion and daylight sensor systems to ensure optimal electricity use. A small internal storage area will house electric batteries used by CRUSSIS for its product range, while skylights will bring in copious natural daylight to boost employee health.

“Our business is all about innovation, so we set specific requirements for our new space,” says Petr Výkruta, executive at CRUSSIS Electrobikes. “We are extremely excited to start working in our new facility. The solutions which Prologis have implemented meet our needs exactly and we hope the move will bring a great boost to our business, as well as to our employees.”

The developments at Prologis Park Prague-Uzice confirm high demand for the strategic location, situated 9 kilometers north of Prague near the D8 motorway. Park combines Prologis’s customer-centred services and state-of-the-art facilities beyond the four walls and a roof with easy access to the Czech capital, Prague Airport, and international markets.

Whether protecting the planet, enhancing growth, or creating a great environment for employees, innovation is… Made in Prologis.

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