Bicycle SPA – a new two-wheeler service in Prologis parks


Supporting low-emission transport and creating employee-friendly places have always been part of our DNA, and in line with the Prologis PARKlife™ concept, we are supporting solutions that help care for the environment and our surroundings. We’re encouraging the use of cleaner transport by building bus stops near our parks and setting up charging stations for electric cars. We’re also encouraging people to commute to work by bike by providing bicycle shelters and repair stations in our parks.

To make travel by bike even more attractive, we invited workers at five Prologis logistics parks in Poland to participate in the "Bicycle SPA – summer bicycle service." Each employee could leave their two-wheeler with a professional service team and, after a few hours, pick up their bike with adjusted brakes, freshly lubricated chains, and tightened screws, all according to an assessment of the bike’s condition by the experts.

Bike service teams visited parks in Chorzów, Ruda Śląska, Warsaw's Żerań, and two parks in Wrocław, servicing a total of 138 bikes. Some volunteers came to work on bikes which they subsequently dropped off for servicing; others brought their bikes by car, and some even brought bikes to be serviced for the whole family! The initiative helped cyclists feel safe on the road, while making a ride through urban or offroad terrain pure pleasure.



The enthusiasm and satisfaction from those who took part in the initiative has encouraged us to put on similarly engaging and necessary projects in the future, all with the aim of making our parks and surrounding areas more friendly, green, and carbon-neutral.

Whether it’s customer satisfaction, the safety of people working in our parks, or promoting low-emission transport, caring for the environment is... Made in Prologis.