Employee Stories

Viktoria Nagy
Viktoria Nagy,

Viktoria Nagy, Junior Property Manager

Budapest, Hungary

Viktória Nagy has been working for Prologis in Hungary for 13 years. She began her career as an office coordinator, then, between 2007 and 2018, she...

Aneta Szewczak
Aneta Szewczak,

Aneta Szewczak, Property Manager in Poland

Warsaw, Poland

Aneta Szewczak is a true “veteran” of Prologis after being with the company for almost 15 years.

Anna Zon
Anna Zoń,

Anna Zoń, Property Manager

Warsaw, Poland

Anna Zoń has been working for Prologis in Poland since the beginning of 2015. She began her career as office coordinator in a local office in Silesia...

Szilvia Andrelli,

Szilvia Andrelli, Senior Property Manager, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

“A few years ago, I heard at a conference that ‘maintain’ is a compound word derived from Latin. The origin is more obvious in French: main = hand, te...

David Jakeš,

David Jakeš, Senior Project Manager, Czech Republic and Slovakia

Prague, Czech Republic

David Jakeš has held the position of senior project manager, Czech Republic and Slovakia, since July 2016. In this challenging role, he is responsible...

Kateřina Březinová,

Kateřina Březinová, Leasing Manager for Prologis in the Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Kateřina Březinová has been the leasing manager for Prologis in the Czech Republic since 2018. She is in charge of leasing activities at Prologis’...

Pavla Rysankova
Pavla Prochazkova,

Pavla Prochazkova, Property Manager, Czech Republic and Slovakia

Prague, Czech Republic

Pavla Prochazkova has been working as Prologis’ country property manager in the Czech Republic and Slovakia since 2019. She leads a team of six people...

Renata Michalczyk, head of property management Europe
Renata Michalczyk,

Renata Michalczyk, Vice President, Head of Property Management for Europe

Warsaw, Poland

The fact that we have had many successes in Poland has certainly been recognized across Europe. Our approach based on openness and understanding the...

Rita Lapai Prologis
Rita Lippai,

Rita Lippai, Project Manager for Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Rita Lippai, a project manager at Prologis since 2015, oversees development projects in Hungary and Slovakia—from acquiring land and constructing...

pawel kowalczyk
Paweł Kowalczyk,

Paweł Kowalczyk, Senior Property Manager, Prologis Poland

Chorzow, Poland

In my job, honesty and a proactive approach to the customer are key. I always try to anticipate their needs, take the initiative, and offer solutions...