Prologis Park Prague-Jirny

Opportunity brings together more than 25 e-shops across the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia, making it the largest e-commerce group in CEE. An e-retailer of such size requires enormously complex customized solutions, and Prologis was tasked with designing and constructing the most modern and highly automated distribution facility in the entire CEE region at Prologis Park Prague-Jirny.

Challenge required a new 37,730 square meter BTS facility to function 24/7 and expedite orders of up to 10,000 pieces per hour during peak times. While meeting the specific requirements of e-commerce distribution, optimizing productivity and supporting the company’s successful growth throughout the region, the facility also had to satisfy stringent environmental standards.

In 2015, Prologis delivered a dedicated distribution center at Prologis Park Prague-Jirny next to’s existing 31,700 square meter BTS facility. The new building meets all of the e-retailers's exacting technical and sustainability requirements.

The facility has 24,000 shelf locations, 24,000 pallet locations and 55 ramps. is a rapidly expanding business, so the distribution center can accommodate up to 800 employees and includes the option to expand up to 50,000 square meters. defined high standards for building quality and sustainability. Sustainable solutions include an energy- and water-consumption monitoring system, LED lighting, electrically powered exterior sun blinds, low- and zero-carbon technologies, smart meters and strip skylights. The building received a BREEAM “Good” accreditation.

Large-scale, complex and intensive-use facilities do not require a sacrifice in sustainable solutions. Working with was an inspiring and successful process because of the customer’s high sustainability standards. Prologis gained experience that is applicable to future developments.


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