Prologis is the global leader in logistics real estate on four continents and in 19 countries, enabling 5,000 customers worldwide.

We are where you need us.
In Europe, we offer 17 million square meters of space at key European intersections, managing 788 buildings in all the major markets.

We make things happen for our customers.
We have the capacity and flexibility to build quickly in Europe, where we have made 809 hectares of land available for development and built more than 917,500 square meters of logistics space at the forefront of technical innovation.

We are there for our customers.
Prologis is focused on bringing sustainable property solutions to all our European customers with superior customer service, reflected by our 87 percent—and growing—customer retention rate.

Prologis is ready to create new long-term partnerships and help our customers stay ahead of what’s next.


Every connection starts with a conversation. Our team is here to help.