Driving the tide of change with Prologis IMPACT Day

impact day


As well as building thriving logistics parks, Prologis also focuses on strong relationships with local communities. By engaging with people and helping wherever we can, we can make the places where we work better for everyone: our customers, their employees, and all living nearby. With this goal in mind, we organize an “IMPACT Day” each year, when our employees head out of the office todo good works for local communities. In the 10thedition of IMPACT Day, Prologis employees in Poland cleaned the banks of the Vistula, Poland’s largest river.

Operation Clean River saw the team pick up an incredible 1,200 kilograms of trash from the banks of the Vistula. We also ran an educational meeting for Prologis’ recycling campaign, underlining Prologis’ sense of responsibility to protect the natural environment for the benefit of everyone living where we operate. Operation Clean River forms part of Prologis’ wider commitment to safeguarding Polish wildlife and nature; a local commitment based in a global emphasis on protecting the environment.

“IMPACT Day is one of the many ways that we give back to local communities and places,” said Pawel Sapek, Senior Vice President and Regional Head Central Europe at Prologis. “With Operation Clean River, our Polish team worked for a cause close to all our hearts: preserving and enhancing the beauty of the Polish natural landscape. The educational meeting on recycling underlined our perception that big changes can come about through the smallest of steps. Thank you to everyone at Prologis Poland who helped us achieve so much this year. ”Prologis IMPACT Day has been running since 2013. Based around Prologis’ core values of Integrity, Mentorship, Passion, Accountability, Courage and Teamwork (IMPACT), it sees employees leave the office and give back to the community for a day every year."

Ten editions of IMPACT Day to date have seen a total of 549 projects completed and 65,537 hours of volunteer work undertaken worldwide. And the charitable activities of Prologis employees don’t stop here. Every Prologis employee is also allocated 32 paid hours for volunteer work each year to help local communities flourish. In Poland, just like everywhere else Prologis operates, we aim to always be a force for good. Whether it’s engaging with local people, volunteering to help where we can, or protecting the natural environment, a positive impact is... Made in Prologis.


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