Repair stations in Wrocław parks

Our PARKlife™ concept is always with us when we’re designing our buildings and providing amenities in our parks. We’re committed to creating a better working environment for our customers' employees, and to making our parks a welcoming space for local communities.  Part of this is a focus on promoting low-emission transport: we make sure public transport is easily accessible and, where possible, we provide public transport stops directly on park premises. Together with the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles as well as safe bike shelters, we’re always working to make travel to work easier and more ecological. 

It’s great to see more and more people choosing to cycle to our parks, because this is the healthiest mode of transport with zero emissions! For this reason, we’re now providing even more bike shelters - in total, we have several dozen roofed bicycle storage places in each park. We’re also providing additional facilities, such as stations for necessary bike repairs and maintenance. The first four of these stations have been set up in our Wrocław parks, meaning cyclists at Prologis Park Wrocław I, Prologis Park Wrocław III and Prologis Park Wrocław V can benefit from more support. We hope the new amenities will encourage even more people to cycle to work all year round!

"Prologis parks are much more than warehouses in strategic locations. They are also places where thousands of people work every day – so we want them to be as comfortable as possible. This is why we are intensively developing PARKlife™: we want to create employee-friendly workplaces bursting with greenery, with easy access and many additional facilities from bike shelters, through outdoor libraries to barbecue and relaxation areas. These might seem like small details in the larger picture of industrial development, but they make a huge difference that is appreciated by our customers," said Marcin Czerniewski, Prologis Project Manager for Wrocław region.

Whether it’s providing modern warehouse space, helping customers reduce their carbon footprint or supporting their recruitment efforts, a positive difference is... Made in Prologis.

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