As part of our package comprising state-of-the-art buildings in key locations, we also provide customers with continuous support from dedicated Prologis experts. Our customers’ appreciation for the services that we provide strongly motivates us to go that extra mile.

Warsaw’s Customer Experience Team - CET team welcomes two new Leasing & Customer Experience Managers: Emilia Błądek and Piotr Lenczewski. The new team members will take care of the customer experience from the very first contact - they will advise you on choosing the best property, guide you efficiently through the contract signing process and will be in constant contact in case of further questions. In this regard, Piotr will be responsible for Prologis' portfolio in Central Poland, and Emilia will take care of the entire Warsaw region.

Emilia is an experienced real estate manager who began her career as a real estate broker. For the last eight years, she has been honing her skills by developing and promoting the sales networks of, among others, Eurocash Group, Carrefour and Drogeria Natura. 

“With the arrival of the new team members, we can expect new competences and a fresh perspective on our business. Piotr has extensive professional experience that he gained while working in the Czech Republic and North Macedonia. I am convinced that the international structures of Prologis will be a perfect fit for him and that our customers will quickly come to appreciate his professionalism. Emilia is a true team player, with extensive knowledge of the commercial real estate industry, which will allow her to easily get started on her new tasks,” says Michał Czarnecki, Vice President, Head of Capital Deployment & Leasing Prologis.

Even the most modern logistics facilities will never realize their full potential without an accompanying dedicated team of customer experience managers. Therefore, we focus on shaping positive experiences, delivering practical solutions and providing daily support to our customers. Care is... Made in Prologis.

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