Prologis Park Prague-Airport, Czech Republic

EYELEVEL, which crafts the objects and spaces that allow brands such as Adidas, North Face, Calvin Klein and Nike to take center stage in-store or online, contracted Prologis for a build-to-suit (BTS) facility at Prologis Park Prague-Airport. The project was a study in collaborative design, wedding our experience of building high-quality, efficient, sustainable facilities with the creativity and innovativeness of its interior design specialists.

Inner-workings company EYELEVEL needed to create the kind of work area that enables its business to run smoothly, efficiently and ecologically, while fashioning a positive environment for its employees to think creatively and enjoy their jobs.

Prologis cooperated closely with EYELEVEL to deliver 27,370 square meters of BTS space at this new BREEAM-accredited Class-A logistics building with cutting-edge sustainability features incorporated into it.

On the outside these include upgraded insulation on the building facades and roofs, and charging points for electric cars. Upgraded energy-efficient LED lighting with moving sensors are fitted inside and outside the building. The latest smart meter technology, which provides monitoring and analytics, is available, allowing the customer to micromanage and minimize utility costs. An advanced rainwater management system keeps water use to a minimum in washing and toilet facilities. Within the building, features include floor heating and cooling in the office area including a water heat pump. We also designed a relaxation zone for EYELEVEL employees to kick back, feel inspired and interact with each other – essential for a company that relies on its creative mix for its success.

The location of the facility is also a key attraction. Prologis Park Prague-Airport is adjacent to the D6 motorway at Exit 7, five minutes from Prague Airport, and close to the major consumption center of Prague, providing easy access to multinational brand clients in the capital as well as a large pool of creative workers to tap. The park has excellent access to national and international trade routes via the D0 to the D5 and D1 motorways in just 10 and 20 minutes, respectively, providing good connections to the other major consumption centers of the Czech Republic.

For ideas and inspiration, Prologis looks to its customers, investors, other industries and new technologies as well within itself. And the BTS facility created for EYELEVEL shows what is possible when two teams of designers, doers, makers, planners and innovators get together.


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