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When it comes to getting your warehouse up and running, we’ve got you covered. Prologis Essentials Marketplace conveniently brings you all the setup and operational equipment needed for a quick and carefree start. Together with trusted vendor partners we’ll take care of your setup sourcing - making life easier and giving you back valuable time.

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That's great, Prologis Essentials Marketplace is your cost-effective, easy and speedy source for replacements and upgrades as well.

Your Prologis Essentials Marketplace

An evolving supply line of essential products to help you with your warehouse operations.

Prologis Essentials - Forklifts


Equip, expand or upgrade quickly

An easy and cost-effective solution for preconfigured forklifts, reach and pallets trucks, from our world-class partners.

Prologis Essentials - Racking


Making racking simple

The right racking system to suit your needs - a fast and easy service that makes arranging racking simple.

Prologis Essentials - LED Lighting

LED Lighting

For brighter, safer workspaces

Easy to install, efficient and reliable - upgrade to 'smart' lighting with movement and daylight controls at an incredibly low price.

Prologis Essentials Marketplace Team

Your Prologis Essentials Marketplace team is here for you every step of the way.

Michał Czarnecki

Michał Czarnecki

Vice President, Head of Leasing and Development

Locations: Poland
Phone: +48 601 447 966
Email: [email protected]

Katerina Brezinova, Leasing Manager Prologis

Kateřina Březinová

Leasing and Customer Experience Manager

Locations: Czech Republic
Phone: +420 739 230 009
Email: [email protected]

Zsuzsanna Hunyadi_b&w

Zsuzsanna Hunyadi

Leasing and Customer Experience Manager

Locations: Hungary
Phone: +36 70 933 9207
Email: [email protected]


Jakub Randa, Leasing Manager Prologis

Jakub Randa

Leasing and Customer Experience Manager

Locations: Slovakia
Phone: +421 908 744410
Email: [email protected]

Michal Krolik Poland

Michał Królik

Essentials Solutions Associate

Locations: Poland
Mobile: +48 662 068 053
Direct: +48 2221 83678
Email: [email protected]

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