bratislava benefit

How Do You Benefit?

We pay great attention to the location, quality and technical aspects of all our buildings. With well thought-out projects and the scale of Prologis’ portfolio, our properties can expand and grow along with your business. We also care about ensuring that our properties will be the warehouses of the future and continue to serve you for many years to come.

Science of Sustainability

Today’s employees want to work in places that cater to their wellbeing and are kind to the environment, so we put great care and attention into creating buildings that meet the demands and desires of a modern workforce. All the facilities feature state-of-the-art technological solutions, allowing for the conservation of energy both in the park’s warehouses and in the office areas. Natural daylight, LED lighting and solar panels on rooftops show our commitment to creating a more sustainable and pleasant working environment. For your peace of mind, we submit all our buildings for BREEAM accreditation to confirm that they have been built and operate to global sustainability standards.

Take the High-Tech Road

Developing and harnessing new technologies is at the heart of our attempts to streamline operations and squeeze out efficiency gains. All our buildings now have smart metering, which allows you to monitor and control online the consumption of electricity, water and gas, as well as the temperature and humidity levels. For your safety and security, we installed license plate reader systems at the park’s four gates, providing automated entry control for all employees and registered visitors.


Clear Lease, Clear Costs

We are always looking for ways to help our partners and, putting our size and clout to good use, we developed Clear Lease® – a new type of lease contract available to all customers. The Clear Lease® includes a fixed service charge for the entire term of the lease, which covers all standard operating, maintenance and repair costs defined in the contract as well as administrative fees. Only public duties and energy costs are charged directly based on official notice or consumption. By eliminating cost uncertainty throughout the entire term of the lease, we leave you free to concentrate on properly budgeting and running your business, while avoiding the annual headache of service-charge reconciliation.

Place of Wellness

Our park is more than just a distribution hub; it is community in which thousands of employees work as part of wider local society that values and wants to preserve the environment in which it exists. There is a recreation area available for use by all customers of the park consisting of a five-a-side football pitch and crossfit zone. This area also offers parking, a barbecue zone and amenities like showers, toilet and electricity sources. The whole zone is also well illuminated, so it can be used even during the winter season. A mobile stand can be placed in the area too for when bigger tournaments such as the Prologis five-a-side football tournament are held.

Ways to Save

We never stop trying to make our parks and facilities more efficient and keeping costs low for our customers. For example, we have just installed a new, more technologically advanced electronic fire system (EFS), which means we were able to reduce the number of EFS to just one, saving money without compromising safety. Park Bratislava’s facility management company is now only using electric vehicles at the park, cutting emissions and costs. To facilitate this, we have already built two vehicle charging stations at the park and are looking to build another four.

Home to the Best Brands

Our customer partnerships count for decades globally and we are proud that some of our existing customers have been present at Park Bratislava since it was opened in 2005. We have already successfully accommodated various businesses and met various space requirements in our Bratislava facilities – and we are looking forward for more. Come join BMW, DHL, Tomra, NAY and the many others that have chosen to make Prologis Park Bratislava their home.