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We have everything you need from a modern logistic center. Development has just started at our newest urban warehouse in Warsaw. Regardless of the profile and size of your business right now, with us you can always count on having what you’ll need in the future.

We’ve got you covered!

Flexible warehouse space in a strategic location for the development of your business
  • Located in the heart of the largest consumer market in Poland. An ideal place for companies from the e-commerce sector focusing on the quick delivery of goods right to consumers’ doors
  • Small Business Units with the unique possibility for size adjustments according to  the evolving needs and specific nature of your business. The best solution for a dynamically developing company – from e-commerce to small production
Innovations supporting the efficiency and safety of your urban logistics
  • Carrying out operations in a faster and more efficient manner - SDD system for automating entries and exits at the park and an above-standard floor load capacity allowing better management of the entire area
  • Efficient operation and a higher level of security for warehouse resources – a smart metering system for remote control of consumption of utilities, a lighting system with motion sensors, and a reinforced concrete building structure

A comfortable workplace for your employees, and environmental protection for future generations
  • Enhanced well-being for employees and lower electricity bills - warehouses illuminated by the highest quality LED systems and natural light up to 12.5%
  • Greater operational savings for you and added benefits for nature, thanks to solutions reducing CO2 emissions and the consumption of utilities

Visit your future warehouse just today

The DC2 building was made in its entirety using Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology – from the concept stage through the construction process to warehouse management. Thanks to BIM, you can visit and explore your future warehouse space, and our Customer Experience Team and our dedicated team of designers will help you adapt the details of the office space or the scope of installations according to your needs. Watch our video, check out the advantages of the building, and find the best place for you at Prologis Park Warsaw-Żerań.

DC2 building – your warehouse ready for the future

Prologis Park Warsaw-Żerań DC2

Invite your employees to PARKlife™

We create places where ecological architecture is combined with enhanced working comfort. In this park, we provide a number of additional facilities for users, including an open-air well-being space and an electric car charging station, to name just a couple. Prologis Park Warsaw-Żerań is also ideally located for employees – its excellent connections with the centre of Warsaw guarantee convenient public transport access. And right outside the park, there are recreational opportunities including a playground, swimming pool and ice rink, as well as a shopping centre and a hotel.

City location + flexible space


Prologis Park Warsaw-Żerań facts

0 11000

square meters of SBU space available

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Emilia Błądek
Leasing & Customer Experience Manager
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Michał Czarnecki - Prologis

Michał Czarnecki
Vice President, Head of Capital Deployment & Leasing Prologis Poland
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