Renata Michalczyk: Mutual Understanding is Key to Good Customer Relations

Renata Michalczyk

Renata Michalczyk

Regional Vice President, Real Estate & Customer Experience Property Management

Renata Michalczyk has been vice president, head of property management for Europe since 2016, becoming the first Central European at Prologis to be responsible for real estate management for the whole of Europe.

Michalczyk joined Prologis in 2010 and was at the forefront of the company’s successful expansion efforts in Poland, where the company is now the leading distribution facilities provider with a portfolio totaling 2.4 million square meters in 24 parks. “The fact that we have had many successes in Poland has certainly been recognized across Europe. Our approach based on openness and understanding the customer’s needs works not only here, but also across Europe,” she explains.

Michalczyk believes that mutual understanding between Prologis and its customers is of key importance to good property management. She says, “Customers do not like surprises, thus we put a great deal of emphasis on cooperation and continuous contact. At the very beginning of their lease, when a new customer takes over the new space in one of our parks, we try to smooth this process through open communication about the standard procedures in the park and help with any of the formalities. A good property manager has to understand the customer’s business problems. They have to be able to react to their needs by providing the most effective solutions possible.”

This means constant innovation, bringing technological solutions to help customers run their businesses smoothly and efficiently. “Warehouses are becoming more and more complex assets in which many elements are controlled by means of information technology systems. There is a growing need for solutions that integrate all these systems. Thanks to this, it is becoming possible to control and optimize all activities not only in one facility, but also in the whole park—from full information about entries and exits through defect analysis, optimization of removal costs and documentation management to comparison of the efficiency of similar devices in different facilities—and choosing the best solution,” says Michalczyk.

Reaction time to address customers’ issues is also key, especially with the development of businesses like e-commerce that make logistics a highly time-sensitive activity. “Thus, customer service that is 24/7, backed by technological solutions, is crucial, alongside a focus on preventative measures, rather than waiting to put out the proverbial fires when they happen,” Michalczyk says.

“Our utmost priority is to support the operations of our customers, and to our great satisfaction our customers do appreciate this approach,” she says.


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