Máté Szoboszlay – “Now we must have both the reaction time and speed of a sprinter and the endurance of a marathon runner.”
Mate Szoboszlay_Director of Capital Deployment_Prologis

Mate Szoboszlay

Director, Capital Deployment

Máté Szoboszlay joined the Prologis Hungary team in February 2020 with over a decade of experience in portfolio management and transactions. As the director of development he is responsible for identifying new development opportunities, coordinating build-to-suit projects and customer acquisition. He became interested in buildings in childhood, starting with historic monuments, then exploring urbanization processes and arriving at how prosperous, modern commercial properties rise from the ground.

He believes that Prologis’ use of innovative technologies, continuous trend analysis and rapid adaptability to develop future-proof, sustainable properties with increasingly secure, energy-efficient and eco-friendly smart solutions that meet the diverse needs of customers is a good practice to be followed at the sectoral level as well. Against the backdrop of the plethora of challenges posed by the pandemic, he compares his work to an athlete who needs both the reaction time and speed of a sprinter and the endurance of a marathon runner.

In his opinion the key to Prologis’ success, besides seizing the market opportunities arising from its position as the global leader, is conscious value creation, the high standard of services covering the entire chain, and the customer-centric, innovative and at the same time sustainable approach. As practical examples, he cites the unique Prologis Essentials Marketplace service and the PARKlife program because “the essence of both is that Prologis offers not merely simple warehouse buildings but locations and areas having convenience and security services with a full range of functions where customers go to work gladly and are far more productive in the healthy and livable working environment.”

Belonging to the Prologis family inspires Máté and encourages him to perform better as he believes that being part of a well-functioning global team whose distribution centers have an annual throughput of goods worth 2.2 billion dollars, almost 2.5 percent of the world’s GDP, is an exceptional opportunity. Moreover, he highlights the values represented by the company as an important point of contact. By way of example, he mentions the endeavors aimed at constant renewal and development, the people-centric approach thinking with the customer’s head, and the conscious protection of the environment as playing a pivotal role in his choosing to work for Prologis.

As the company follows a “develop and hold” strategy, i.e. it keeps the built and purchased assets in its portfolio, Máté attaches special significance to having a complex approach, which extends from the full-cycle-based selection process right through the management of the property, thus bolstering the customer-centric attitude represented by Prologis. Building and naturally professionally managing a crisis-resistant, appropriately diversified portfolio is indispensable in achieving maximum investment value.

The biggest challenge for him in his work is being adequately flexible to be ready for constant changes concerning both developments and acquisition activities. “I am convinced that the key to lasting success and stable growth is being able to adapt rapidly to the shifting environment, current market trends and customer needs,” explained Máté, who believes that in the present pandemic situation, flexibility and rapid reaction to market changes are an even greater competitive advantage than they used to be. Máté is ambivalent towards the pandemic. “The situation is unquestionably burdensome at a human level, but in the logistics sector we are experiencing a professionally very exciting time that holds out good prospects. I am delighted that I can play an active part in my field of activity in this period of many challenges. It is a good feeling that our customers who prosper in part due to our high-standard warehouses and services are for this reason less exposed to the harmful consequences of the coronavirus epidemic.”

Máté’s initial professional motto has matured into actual experience: focused, hard work and the concomitant continuous learning pays off in the long term in positive achievements or in the form of knowledge gained in the process or, in the optimal case, in both.

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