Anna Zoń – Time is not measured in square meters

Anna Zon

Anna Zoń

Real Estate & Customer Experience Manager

Anna Zoń has been working for Prologis in Poland since the beginning of 2015. She began her career as office coordinator in a local office in Silesia, supporting the company’s president and the local property and leasing team in their daily duties. Several years, two promotions and one move later, Anna became the youngest property manager in Prologis and has five logistics parks under her care, totaling over 300,000 square meters.
“The specific nature of a property manager’s work convinced me from the very beginning that I wanted to pursue my career in this particular department. I was lucky to have the genuine trust and support of all my colleagues. Changing location, moving to Warsaw, getting promoted and taking on new responsibilities helped me improve immeasurably. It allowed me to acquire new skills and learn from others, drawing on all their knowledge and experience.”  

The job was dynamic from the start, with Anna participating in the process of selling a logistics park in the first year of work in her new role. Acquiring new customers and taking over a different portfolio of properties filled her everyday life with a rich diversity of tasks.

“There are no two identical days in my job, and no universal answers, so we never use ready-made solutions. Time and effort are not counted in square meters either. It is openness and independence that form the basis of my job – I approach each conversation individually, regardless of whether it is a large or a small customer. From the property manager’s point of view, the size of the leased space does not matter.”

Anna believes that teamwork and mutual support make it possible for Prologis to introduce innovations efficiently. A good example of teamwork success was the implementation of Prologis FM – a system that automates processes and improves the daily operations of customers and managers. Thanks to the efforts of different members of the property management team, Prologis developed this system and is continuing to do so, tailoring it to the needs of all its customers. Meeting them halfway and adapting processes to improve their comfort and daily operations – that’s the approach that the Prologis management team follows.
She says the personal commitment to the project of all the team meant Prologis was able to customize this tool to everyone’s satisfaction. 

“Thanks to the close interaction with customers and the fact each of the property managers provided jointly developed solutions and proposals, we created a universal system that has become indispensable to our daily work. However, this does not mean that we automate all processes. We are in touch with customers on a regular basis and know intimately the specific nature of their businesses, so we can quickly respond to all their needs. I visit my customers at least once a week – I don’t just see them in the event of an intervention, I take preventive measures. 

It is this approach, focused on commitment to work, proactive action and caring not only for the quality of the building, but also for the quality of the relationships with the customers who spend their time there every day, that allows Prologis to stay ahead of what’s next, she says.

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