Logistics Parks for the Future

Prologis parks give you everything you need from a modern logistics center.

Our Newest Urban Warehouse in Warsaw

Prologis Park Warsaw-Żerań is ready for the future. Here are the solutions helping it grow with your business.

Quality space in a strategic location

Located in the heart of the largest consumer market in Poland, the park is ideal for e-commerce customers delivering goods to customers' door.

Flexible units for dynamic businesses

Small Business Units provide unique opportunities for size adjustments based on your evolving needs and the specific nature of your business.

Innovations supporting safety and efficiency

SDD system for automating entries and exits to the park and an above-standard floor load capacity allowing better management of your entire area.

Cost efficient space management

Efficient operations ensured by our smart metering system for remote control of utilities usage, as well as a lighting system with motion sensors, and a reinforced concrete building structure.

A comfortable workplace for employees

Prologis PARKlife enhances quality of life for everyone working in our parks, while copious natural daylight provides a boost to wellbeing.

Environmental protection for future generations

Operational savings for you and added benefits for nature, thanks to solutions reducing CO2 emissions and the consumption of utilities.


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