DHL Supply Chain, the world’s largest logistics specialist providing solutions along the entire supply chain, was competing in a tender for the warehouse consolidation of one of the world’s biggest toy companies, Mattel. In order to win the Mattel tender, our customer needed a reliable partner it could trust to provide a tailor-made logistics solution in a specific location within a specified timeframe.

DHL Supply Chain required a trusted partner to provide a facility built to high technical standards. It also needed the facility to be BREEAM-certified, offering a variety of sustainable solutions to satisfy the company’s strict environmental standards, which include aiming to improve CO2 efficiency by 50 percent by 2025 and logistics-related emissions to go down to zero by 2050. The facility had to occupy a strategic location that could readily supply Mattel’s Eastern European markets.

DHL Supply Chain already then occupied more than 23,600 square meters at Prologis Park Prague D1 West and by expanding there could prosper from synergies within the park. The park’s location directly off the major D1 highway was also ideal, as it allows transit to Prague City Center within 15 minutes, Brno within 1 hour 30 minutes and Ostrava within 3 hours 30 minutes, as well as that crucial connectivity to key markets further east.

Prologis was able to deliver a BREEAM-certified building of 21,983 square meters that met all the high technical standards demanded by DHL Supply Chain: 25-meter sky strips above the loading area; a distance between the first row of columns and docks of 24 meters; joint-less flatness of 5 millimeters per 2 meters suitable for very narrow aisle (VNA) trucks; heat-insulated prefabricated facade components of reinforced concrete with thermal insulation (100 mm), up to approximately 3.9 meters; and A1 non-flammable mineral wool of 120 mm. Sustainable solutions included high efficiency heating with no accumulation of extra heat that gives an average room temperature of 15°Celsius measured at a -20°C outside; and smart metering allowing the remote reading and monitoring of all utility meters throughout the facility.

Prologis is a trusted partner to the world’s biggest brands whose top-class facilities meet the most stringent requirements and enable customers to win business. Our portfolio of high-quality, strategically located assets help to solve customer pain points around location, energy and labor.


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