The energy crisis in Europe bring home how important it is to wisely manage utility costs, and we take care to optimize costs at every stage of the life cycle of our facilities and cooperation with customers.

When building a warehouse, we take care to provide a facility with high energy efficiency, using the latest technologies and going above and beyond market standards to minimize energy and gas consumption. Property management is handled by an internal team of property & facility management specialists working directly in our parks to bring customers comprehensive technical care and consultancy in enhancing the energy efficiency of their space.


The purchase prices at which we settle utilities accounts with our customers are also extremely important. Instability and large fluctuations in utility prices on the POLPX exchange a few years ago led us to implement a proactive policy for purchasing electricity and gas. This helps us protect customers against dynamically changing prices. We are a strong purchasing group - we buy 123,000 MWh of electricity and 140,000 MWh of gas annually for our real estate needs.

Such significant bargaining power allows us to offer attractive purchase prices for utilities. Thanks to our flexible energy purchase policy, the price of electricity is currently PLN 409.25 / MWh, and gas is PLN 288.57 / MWh. This is significantly less than the average market purchase cost for businesses: a reduction of 42% for electricity and 35% for gas.

“We know how much stability, predictability and the possibility of long-term cost planning mean in today's business world. That’s why we rely on a flexible purchase model allowing us to analyze and respond to the market, while also offering customers attractive prices for electricity and gas. It’s crucial that we fulfill this task as well as possible, so that customers can focus on the further development of their business,” said Paweł Kowalczyk, Real Estate & Customer Experience, Senior Manager at Prologis.

By focusing on sustainable building design, solutions for increasing energy efficiency and a flexible model of utility purchases, we’re able to offer our customers real savings and full control over the costs of electricity and gas. Efficiency is… Made in Prologis.

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