Strategic Partnership


The impact we have on our employees, customers, investors, suppliers and the communities where our activity takes place is important to us. Our intention is to create solid, honest relationships with them which are advantageous to both parties. We believe in the strength of good neighborliness as strong ties developed with the municipalities around us improve the attitude of local communities to the growth and development of our company, thereby enabling us to offer even higher-standard services to our customers.

Over 1,000 employees representing 20 companies work at the 141,400 square meter Prologis Park Budapest-Harbor, which is a large contribution to local employment. In October 2017, our Hungarian team entered into a strategic agreement with the local government of Budafok-Tétény, Budapest’s District 22. In the framework of the cooperation, the local government provides support and opportunities for establishing relations with the firms in the district. Under the agreement, a municipal officer is also assigned to us to deal with official matters and aid our developments with simplified administration, which enables us to implement our projects for our customers within shorter periods of time.

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