We want to make sure that we not only provide customers with the highest quality facilities and services, but that we also address their real, specific needs on a day-to-day basis. To help us maintain this level of customer support , we have strengthened our Facility Management Team to make relationships even more effective and to ensure tailored solutions for each and every customer on the Hungarian market.

We are thrilled to welcome a new Facility Manager, Adrián Nagy, to the Prologis Family. Adrián gained a wealth of experience in the real estate, technical and construction sectors while working for BIS Hungary Kft. At Prologis, he is taking on management responsibilities and will report directly to Szilvia Andrelli, Senior Manager for Real Estate & Customer Experience. We are confident that his impressive level of experience will bring excellent added value to our team, helping us deliver reliable and personalised services to customers. Adrián’s motivation and  proven capabilities in the field of customer experience management make him the ideal person to help us strive towards even higher levels of customer care.

Adrian has meanwhile expressed excitement at the prospect of working together with the rest of the Facility Management Team, motivating and helping them to achieve their goals.

“I believe the level of focus and effort dedicated to enhancing customer experience is the best indication of a company’s values. For this reason, I am looking forward to working with the rest of the team to foster and develop positive relationships with customers. The most important thing is that we go beyond simply recognizing and reacting to customer needs, and that we instead work proactively to really understand the specific requirements of their businesses. In my opinion, it is through this kind of customer-centric approach that partnerships become truly beneficial” – says Adrián Nagy about his role.

By learning about our customers’ businesses, priorities and pain points, we are able to provide a level of service bringing value beyond real estate. Whether it’s helping a customer move to one of our parks, coming to understand how their business operates, or providing new solutions to ensure long-term success, relationships are... Made in Prologis.

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