Prologis Park Prague D1 Ostredek

What does a new logistics park mean to us? It means new opportunities, new partnerships, and better connections! This is why the raising of the first column at the brand-new Prologis Park Prague D1 Ostredek is such a special occasion for us, as we construct the first distribution center at the park.

Building DC1 is already partly pre-leased to Zeppelin CZ, a dealer, service provider and spare parts distributor for Caterpillar construction, agricultural and mining industry machinery. Zeppelin CZ will now benefit from an ideal location on the D1 highway linking the Czech Republic’s two biggest cities, Prague and Brno.

Zeppelin CZ’s tailor-made 4,123 square meters of prime logistics space will take up one half of the 8,880-sqm building DC1, which will be the first of three planned distribution centers at Ostredek. Land for DC2, to total 21,000 square meters once developed, and for the 13,000-square-meter DC3 is also ready to go.

As well as a great location only a thirty-minute drive from Prague, we’re excited to bring customers at Prologis Park Prague D1 Ostredek our highest standards of sustainable development. All facilities at the park will feature LED lighting and solar heating for water in office spaces. Other sustainability features will include smart metering systems provided as standard across all Prologis spaces, allowing more efficient utility usage, and thicker wall and roof insulation. Once complete, Zeppelin CZ’s new space will be submitted for BREEAM accreditation, as is the case for all new Prologis developments.

The start of construction at Prologis Park Prague D1 Ostredek is a special moment for all of us at Prologis,” said" Anna Jůzová, Leasing and Customer Experience Manager at Prologis. “With this new development, half of which is leased to Zeppelin CZ and the other half ready to be leased, we will be providing tailor-made logistics space ideally situated for access to major Czech and international markets. We can’t wait to welcome Zeppelin CZ's team to their new home, after which our dedicated Customer Experience Team will be on hand to answer their every need.

Our new space at Prologis Park Prague-Ostredek, together with online ordering, will allow us to speed up the whole process of delivering spare parts orders to our clients throughout the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria,” said Stanislav Chládek, CEO at Zeppelin CZ. “We are excited to be the first customer at this brand-new park, which is undoubtedly in one of the most desirable locations on the Czech logistics map.

By building logistics spaces in consultation with customers, we can ensure that our buildings bring real benefits to their businesses. Together with our emphasis on sustainability and quality of life for employees through the PARKlifeTM initiative, our approach towards customers focuses on providing services going beyond the four walls and roof of a logistics building.

As the first columns rise from the ground at the new Park Prague D1 Ostredek, and as Zeppelin CZ watch their new distribution center taking shape, we look forward to watching this new Prologis location turn into a thriving business community. Whether its establishing new partnerships, breaking new ground, or developing existing relationships and spaces, satisfaction is… Made in Prologis.

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