AED defibrillator at Prologis Park Wrocław

Thousands of people work at Prologis parks, so we wish them to feel as safe as possible. This is why we equip our Parks with defibrillators.

The growth of e-commerce has filled distribution centers with both new employees and vehicles, transforming logistics centres into vibrant ecosystems. Thousands of people work in Prologis parks, and hundreds more visit them every day - drivers, guests, contractors. With such a flow of people, it is important to ensure the maximum degree of safety for everyone.

For this reason, we illuminate our warehouses with LED systems increasing the safety and comfort of the working environment, we implement protective measures against COVID-19, and we design our parks so that pedestrians and drivers can move around safely. Now, we are equipping our parks with life-saving AED defibrillators. The devices have already been installed in security buildings in all our parks in the Wrocław region, and will soon appear throughout Poland.

AED defibrillators are easy-to-use, automatic devices making it possible for each and every one of us to save a life. We install AED in easily accessible and clearly visible places. Of course, we hope employees will never need to use the equipment says Marta Glinka, Real Estate and Customer Experience Lead, Director Prologis.

AED defibrillators are used to help people suffering a state of sudden cardiac arrest. The small unit is designed specifically for use by people with no prior first-aid experience or medical knowledge. The defibrillator should simply be turned on close to the unconscious person, and the device will guide the user through the process step by step. The defibrillator performs a situation analysis by itself, and, if necessary, orders the delivery of an electronic impulse which in many cases is the only way of rescuing a person who is unconscious and not breathing.

Although using the AED is simple and safe, we want our customers to feel completely confident about the equipment, so we are offering training in its use, led by a trained paramedic.

We have also installed life-saving defibrillators in Prologis parks in Hungary, and they will soon appear in our logistics centers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia too.

Whether its caring for the health of our clients' employees, the comfort of people visiting our parks, or the safety of property stored in warehouses, security is… Made in Prologis.


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