Prologis Park Prague-Jirny electric truck station

Our partner DHL Supply Chain is blazing a trail towards a more sustainable future by introducing a new Volvo electric truck to its fleet in the Czech Republic. We at Prologis are delighted to support the move by implementing a charging station for the innovative vehicle at the company’s space at Prologis Park Prague-Jirny.

Reducing carbon emissions is a key part of Prologis’ ESG strategy, and we constantly seek out ways to make operations more environmentally-friendly, both for ourselves and for our customers. It gives us great pleasure that DHL, one of our biggest partners, has a similar focus on tackling climate change through eco-friendly solutions.

The company’s new Volvo FL 42 R Electric truck will now provide transport between DHL warehouses in the Czech Republic, following the previous implementation of the solution in the United Kingdom. The Czech electric truck will cut the company’s CO2 emissions by five tonnes per year. It will travel between DHL’s five warehouses in the Central Bohemia Region, and Prologis participated in the construction of the necessary infrastructure in the form of a special charging station in the DHL distribution center in Prologis Park Prague-Jirny.

This is yet another building block towards ‘zero emissions’ by 2050, as part of our Go Green strategy. I’m genuinely proud of our team for reducing air pollution, in so doing creating a greener and safer environment for everyone,” says Warren Bodley, Transport Director Central and Eastern Europe for DHL Supply Chain.

We are thrilled to be supporting DHL in implementing its admirable Go Green ESG strategy,” said Jan Pastorek, Real Estate and Customer Experience, Maganer. “By working together with customers, we can jointly achieve our respective sustainability targets, allowing us to move together towards even more sustainable modes of operations. Prologis is among the world’s leaders when it comes to implementing sustainable logistics, and we are proud to be working alongside DHL in this endeavor.”

The implementation of a sufficiently powerful charging station for the new electric truck was a prerequisite for the move. The new truck has a total battery capacity of 265 kWh, and the new Alpitronic Hypercharger station at Prologis Park Prague-Jirny, with a power output of 75 kW, will provide fast charging allowing the vehicle to be on stand by and ready for use at any time.

Prologis’ own sustainability initiatives include collaborations with Cool Earth and The Planet Mark, which were recently extended to the company’s operations in Central Europe. Working with these NGOs ensures that our operations in the region help protect 845 hectares of rainforest, saving 450,000 trees and locking in 650,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Environmental protection is at the core of what we do. Whether its working with our customers to help them meet their goals, pushing ourselves towards ever more climate-friendly operations, or setting new benchmarks for the logistics industry, sustainability is… Made in Prologis.

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