Złoty Kompas Prologis Park Janki

We set the best standards on the Polish construction investment market! For years, Prologis has been blazing the trail of green developments in warehouse construction. This has been further shown by a distinction awarded to us for the best project implemented in the spirit of sustainable construction. The Golden Compass 2021 award in the "logistics investment" category was given to Prologis Park Janki: in particular, two tailor-made buildings put into service this year for EURO-net sp.z.o.o.

The Golden Compass jury emphasized the importance of effective reduction of environmental impact, which was one of the main priorities of our project. This commitment led to the creation of 125,000 square meters of space distinguished throughout by energy savings and low emissions, marked by the highest standards of workmanship:

  • The investment is powered by green energy, with certificates of origin from Tauron. The site includes a photovoltaic installation, a rainwater recovery system, hybrid solar and wind powered lighting, and a pilot project for a CO2 absorbing concrete cube.
  • Walls with increased thermal insulation and ergonomically designed surfaces provide employees with the right temperature while reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling surfaces.
  • Up to 12.5% natural lighting ​​and an intelligent 300lx LED lighting system improve quality of life for workers in the warehouse and office spaces, while reducing energy consumption.
  • A smart metering system helps control the level of consumption of natural resources and operating expenses.
  • Social areas are built to office standards, the buildings have facilities for the disabled, and to increase safety, changing rooms have been adapted to limit the spread of COVID-19.
  • In order to promote low-emission modes of transport, a stop with a special bay for buses was built right next to the warehouse buildings. Four bicycle shelters and 3 charging stations for electric vehicles are meanwhile on hand for commuters with their own means of transport.
  • The well-being zone is the project’s crowning achievement when it comes to helping employees: it is a recreational area with space to relax among greenery.

Comfort for employees, efficiency of operations for the client, and benefits for the environment - these were the three goals which guided us in the design of the latest BTS at Prologis Park Janki. The result is a prime example of how we create logistics centers that provide services going far beyond the warehouses themselves,” says Michał Stankiewicz, Prologis Senior Project Manager responsible for the investment.

Golden Compass awards are given by the editors of the Kompas Inwestycji website for innovative projects making use of ecological solutions. As emphasized by the organizers, awarded investments are "models of changes in approaches to designing and creating user-friendly space".

Whether it’s building low-emission warehouses, providing friendly and welcoming workplaces, or meeting the needs of our customers, fulfilled promises are... Made in Prologis.

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