Our buildings are where the action is today and where it’s going to be tomorrow. And Building 12, our latest development at Prologis Park Budapest-Harbor, is no exception.

Located just 12 kilometers south of the Hungarian capital’s central business district, this state-of-the-art logistics facility, totaling 10,600 square meters, benefits from its excellent location. It also offers numerous sustainable solutions, including high-grade insulated wall panels and roof systems, energy-efficient LED lighting, smart metering system, and electric car chargers that facilitate electric mobility in the park.

In recent months, Rita Lippai, our project manager in Hungary, has guided us through the construction phases of the building, highlighting many exciting moments such as a beam delivery or the laying of the industrial floor. Now it is possible to see this fantastic new building in its final form.

Would you like to have a look around inside? Click on the video and join the concluding virtual tour of the facility!

Prologis Park Budapest-Harbor
Prologis Park Budapest-Harbor
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