Prologis Carsharing


Did you know that laughter strengthens the immune system, boosts energy, reduces pain and is an excellent way to lower stress? With that in mind, carpooling might also have hidden health benefits. According to the popular UK ride-sharing service Liftshare, 70 percent of users report laughing out loud during a shared ride. So to help colleagues share a laugh while driving to and from work, Prologis launched its car-sharing website for customers who work at Budapest M1, Sziget, Harbor and Gyal parks.

Based on the “sharing is caring” concept, the aim of the new online community platform is to enable people who work at Prologis parks to share vehicles while driving to and from work, thereby building work relationships and reducing the environmental impact of commuting.

This pioneering free service is part of Prologis’ wider mission to promote sustainability, as well as create flexible and innovative solutions to serve the needs of customers.

The platform is accessible to Prologis customers only. Register on as a driver and/or a passenger—and share the good news with your colleagues.


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