Prologis Supports Student Development at Poznań School of Logistics

Prologis for the Best Students Competition, Polish Logistics Congress 2016


For 13 years Prologis has recognized top students at Poland's first school of logistics, the Poznań School of Logistics, which has partnered with Prologis in the prestigious annual Prologis for the Best contest. Students compete in three categories: Best Bachelor's Thesis, Best Master's Thesis and Best Graduate. Prologis awards winners a scholarship of 4,000 złoty. In addition to financial benefits, winners of the annual Prologis for the Best contest benefit from the increased confidence that accompanies meaningful, public recognition, and the incremental career opportunities that come their way as doors are opened in response to their achievements.

To date, more than 163,000 złoty has been awarded to 34 winners, demonstrating Prologis' commitment to working with academic institutions to augment opportunities for students in the logistics field. Prologis looks forward to tracking the impact Prologis for the Best laureates have on the future of both the Polish and global logistics fields.


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