ESA logistika take first facility at Prologis Park Prague-D1 Ostředek to full occupancy with 4,600 sqm lease



Signing a deal is great, and starting a construction project is amazing – but in our business, nothing compares to seeing a new facility finally being completed. The completion of DC1 at Prologis Park Prague-D1 Ostředek is even more special, though, because it’s also the first one at a brand-new park, marking the start of a new era in our operations in the Czech Republic.

ESA logistika, one of the leading logistics companies focusing on providing complex logistics solutions, will be one of the first customers at this new park situated on the D1 highway close to Prague. The company will fully move in to 4,600 square meters in building DC1 in the coming months and already enjoys access to the building’s warehouse space. ESA logistika have signed a long-term deal to ensure the best use of Ostředek’s excellent location, close to the Czech capital with easy highway access to Central Europe’s other major consumer centers.

“Welcoming customers to the first building at a brand-new park is something special,” said Anna Jůzová, Leasing and Customer Experience Manager at Prologis. “Seeing the completion of DC1 is exciting for us, but it’s even more thrilling for ESA logistika, for whom this location will provide excellent connectivity throughout the Czech Republic. We can’t wait to help them use the opportunities provided by Prologis Park Prague-D1 Ostředek.”

Customers and employees at Ostředek will enjoy the sustainability and wellbeing features which come as standard at Prologis facilities within our PARKlife™  initiative to enhance quality of life for everyone working in our parks. At Ostředek, they’ll also enjoy LED lighting, smart metering systems for utilities, and stronger wall and roof insulation helping customers save on energy expenditures. The park will be submitted to BREEAM for sustainability certification, aiming for a score of “Very Good” or higher.

“Moving into Prologis Park Prague-D1 Ostředek will be a significant step forward for our operations,” said Marek Cvačka, Managing Director at ESA logistika. “Location is key in the field of logistics solutions, and Ostředek will provide us with quick and easy access to Prague and other destinations throughout the Czech Republic and beyond. We’re looking forward to working with Prologis to optimize our new space.”

ESA logistika’s partnership with Prologis at Prologis Park Prague-D1 Ostředek was facilitated by Space Brokers.

“This is one of the most exciting logistics real estate developments in the Czech Republic in recent years,” said Jana Slavíková, Partner, Industrial, at Space Brokers. “Customers at the park will be able to benefit from its prime location and Prologis’ range of customer services, so we’re pleased to have facilitated ESA logistika’s transaction, helping them lease space in this park.”

Whether it’s creating great logistics spaces, helping customers flourish, or providing the ideal working conditions for everyone at our parks, progress isMade in Prologis


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