Poznan 3 benefit

How Do You Benefit?

We pay great attention to the location, quality and technical aspects of all our buildings. With well thought-out projects and the scale of Prologis’ portfolio, our properties can expand and grow along with your business. We also care about ensuring that our properties will be the warehouses of the future and continue to serve you for many years to come.

Urban Location

The location in the Junikowo district, just 6 kilometers from the center of Poznań, provides easy access to and from the park for employees. Despite being located within the city limits, the park is only 300 meters from the A2 motorway, which allows the convenient distribution of goods, enabling quicker and better handling of orders and reverse logistics. Thanks to the city's location and proximity to the main transport routes, the SBU in Poznań will perfectly fulfill both warehouse and office functions.

Prologis Quality

We put a lot of effort into quality and technical matters. And thanks to our well-planned and comprehensive projects and extensive portfolio, we can, according to customer needs, help you expand by adjusting existing buildings or proposing another facility in one of our logistics parks. That is why our properties can grow together with your business.


You use your phone on a daily basis to read the news, check emails, enjoy music or watch movies. Rent one of our warehouses and you can also check the energy, water and gas consumption in your office or warehouse, and measure the temperature and humidity there. Our SBU is equipped with smart metering – a remotely controlled system synchronized with a mobile app, which enables not only monitoring, but also the setting of limits to utility consumption. Wherever you are, it will also notify you when the limits are reached.

Full Control Over Costs

We propose a new, simpler form of contract Clear Lease®- in which we take into account fixed service charges for the entire term of the lease. Advances on service charges based on forecasts and year-end settlements based on real costs now belong to the past. We make it easier for you to budget your own expenditures, and we deal with it. All standard operating costs and administrative fees, as well as maintenance and repair costs, are fully defined directly in the contract. Thus, you know all the fees from the very beginning, even before the contract is concluded.

Professional On-Site Support

In addition to numerous amenities – e.g. plenty of parking spaces, a comfortable maneuvering area, automatic entrances, technical support and 24/7 security – having a dedicated team of professional property managers on hand is standard at Prologis. Our managers are open and proactive; they help you with all the initial formalities and take care of you on site over the entire term of the lease. Click here to find out more about how we manage our warehouses.


Just like all newly delivered Prologis warehouses, our SBU has been submitted for BREEAM accreditation. The audit begins before the construction starts, so it also applies to the materials used as well as the execution. Such a certified warehouse is not only a high-quality sustainable, planet-friendly building, but it is also a healthy and comfortable place to work. What does this mean for you? Among other things, access to public transport, facilities for cyclists, and optimal daylight levels and motion sensors, which are also energy saving, lowering utility consumption and costs.