PP Łódź

How Do You Benefit?

We pay great attention to the location, quality and technical aspects of all our buildings. With well thought-out projects and the scale of Prologis’ portfolio, our properties can expand and grow along with your business. We also care about ensuring that our properties will be the warehouses of the future and continue to serve you for many years to come. What distinguishes our latest investment in Central Poland from the competition?


Urban Location

Prologis Park Łódź is situated in the most desirable logistics location in Central Europe. Sited within the city administrative boundaries, 12 km west of the center of the fast-growing city of Łódź, the park is just 30 km from the geographical center of Poland in the heart of the new Europe that is taking shape around us. Such a location ensures high distribution potential; while still within the city boundaries, the warehouse is located only 3 km from the A1 motorway (connecting Katowice and Gdańsk) and 21 km from the Stryków junction, at the intersection of the A1 and A2 motorways – two of Europe’s main transport corridors.

Easy Commuting

Located in the Widzew-Olechów district and in the immediate vicinity of the A1 and A2 motorways, Prologis Park Łódź is one of the most accessible logistics parks in Poland. But the excellent infrastructure for efficient logistics activities is not the only advantage of this location – when designing Prologis Park Łódź, we made the comfort and convenience of the employees at the park a priority, which is why there are several public transport stops and a railway siding near the park. We have provided numerous parking spaces for cars and trucks in the park, while there are special spaces set aside for car sharing. We have introduced a Travel Plan for employees at the park who are interested in green commuting alternatives like carpooling.

Click & Manage

You browse the news, receive and send emails, listen to music, and watch movies on your mobile device everyday – now you can check the warehouse and office energy, water and gas consumption if you rent a Prologis facility. The smart metering remote management system in our buildings allows you not only to monitor utilities use, but also set limits for their consumption and receive notifications from anywhere in the world if the specified levels are reached. Moreover, as standard we provide a dedicated team of professional managers who will take care of you onsite throughout the entire lease period. Click here to learn more about how we manage our warehouses.

Full Cost Control

We offer a new, simpler form of Clear Lease ® agreement, which includes fixed maintenance fees for the entire lease period. The advance payments model for service charges based on forecasts and year-end settlements based on real costs are a thing of the past. With Clear Lease ® we make it easier for you to budget your expenses while we take care of all estimates and calculations ourselves. All standard operating, administrative, maintenance and repair costs are specified directly in the contract, which gives our customers clarity on their lease expenses even before they sign it.

Prologis Quality

Our logistics park in Łódź is a place filled with non-standard solutions that improve operations, safety and user comfort, while ensuring long-term quality. The warehouse flooring has been made using a special technology that ensures uniform thick slabs of at least 17.5 cm across the entire area of the hall. We have also provided thermal insulation and reinforced fire resistance to more than 4,000 MJ, making the hall well suited to receiving goods of abnormal fire load density.

Modern Means Safe

The ultimate in modern solutions have been introduced both on the inside and outside. There is the galvanizing of all external equipment and steel installations, so they are anti-corrosive and longer lasting without the need for extra maintenance. Concrete maneuvering areas ensure the rigidity of the slabs, which makes access to the docks completely trouble-free, while dual carriageways/entrances/exits for cars and trucks make them collision-free.

Easy Maneuvering

The first aisle in the picking zone has been designed to maximize user comfort – there are no pillars or columns in the 24-meter area, which facilitates easy maneuvering and allows for more efficient loading and unloading of goods. We also took care to provide additional lighting; thanks to the large number of skylights, there is as much as 5% of natural daylight in the zone (more than twice standard). Such a solution is not only an investment in the health of your employees, but also provides significant savings in costs and electricity.

Environmental Care

The Prologis Park Łódź facilities have recently been BREEAM-certified and rated as Very Good. We installed motion sensors in the toilets, changing rooms, utility rooms and corridors, as well as put in water meters and a separate energy meter for the office ventilation system. Both the office and the warehouse areas are equipped with LED lighting, and the office areas are illuminated by independent lines. This guarantees energy savings, lowers utilities consumption and cuts costs. A BREEAM-certified warehouse is not only a high-quality sustainable and environmentally friendly building, but it is also a healthy and comfortable place to work.