Prologis Park Ruda Slaska for Raben

How Do You Benefit?

We pay great attention to the location, as well as quality and technical aspects of all our buildings. With well thought-out projects, our properties can expand and grow along with your business. We care about ensuring that our properties are the warehouses of the future and continue to serve our customers for many years to come. 

New Life for Brownfield Sites

Prologis Park Ruda Śląska is an extraordinary project, on which Prologis cooperates with a monument conservator and the local communities. The design was focused on exploiting the full potential of the area for the benefit of our future customers, who would create new jobs there, while keeping in mind the best interest of the local communities. We aimed for regeneration of this brownfield site, hoping to bring an added value to the region.

Historical Memory

The land where Prologis Park Ruda Śląska is emerging used to comprise six devastated bunkers. According to the relevant documentation, all except one were destined for demolition. Acting in concert with the monument conservator, we made every effort to preserve the memory of this place, designing our park to renovate three of the bunkers.  By restoring them to their former glory and opening one of them for visitors, we wish to accentuate the historical significance of the place, giving it a whole new life.

Local Partnership

Having regard to the exceptional location of the future Prologis Park Ruda Śląska, cooperation with the local community was of key importance on every stage of the investment. We planned access to the park with its neighbours in mind, so as to minimize truck traffic in their closest vicinity. Part of the land is available for local gardeners, so as to provide them with a convenient access to their gardens. We also left a greenbelt at their disposal.

In the Heart of the Silesian Agglomeration

Prologis Park Ruda Śląska is perfectly located – only 9 km from the centre of Katowice, near the A4 motorway (Germany-Wrocław-Katowice-Kraków) and 10 km from the A1 motorway (connecting Gdańsk and Katowice), as well as 40 km from Katowice airport. The vicinity of two main European transport corridors offers an excellent access to and from the park. This will make it an important component of an effective supply chain for the local and international distribution alike.

In Accordance with Feng Shui

We always work to address the needs of our customers. Therefore, we implement various solutions in our facilities to provide the best working comfort. The entrance to the office building under construction in Prologis Park Ruda Śląska, tailor-made for Raben, will be designed in accordance with feng shui principles. Functional and spacious interiors will allow the appropriate level of natural light. The office area will be heated from its own gas boiler room, making the facility more environmentally friendly.

Environmental Care

When designing and developing our investments, we look to the future. That is why we care for the local communities and next generations, seeking to minimize our environmental impact. Our properties are BREEAM accredited to confirm their compliance with the principles of sustainability. With intelligent facility management, such as smart metering and energy-efficient features, we increase the environmental performance of our buildings and reduce their maintenance cost.